A simple healthy diet plan is necessity for everybody. Whether you are a college student living away from home or a working person who finds himself helpless to find some healthy snack during office breaks. With the busy routine and the hustle of modern life it is very easy to lose track of meals. Most people eat the unhealthy fast food as it provides a retreat from the hunger and saves time too. It also saves some bucks which is a huge deal for a lot of people. But saving money or time at the cost of your health is not at all a good deal. So here is a simple healthy diet plan to help you compete with your busy day and struggle to stay healthy.



Most of the researches and diet gurus say that you should have around 5 to 6 meals throughout the day. Now what should be in these meal is obviously important but we will discuss that in a moment. Having these meal not only saves you from those repetitive cravings but also enables you to stay fresh. When you stuff yourself with a heavy meal, it just makes you drowsy because your stomach more than its capacity. Having 6 light meals increase your metabolism and makes you hungry more happy. It also makes the stomach work strain free. So managing the meals is the foremost step.

Generally these 6 meal times form the perfect diet plan

  1. Breakfast
  2. Mid-morning meal
  3. Lunch
  4. Mid afternoon snack
  5. dinner


There are some things that can help a lot in keeping the body healthy. Vegetables have the quality of eliminating toxins from body and providing it with essential vitamins and other nutrients. Seasonal vegetables can easily be made a part of meals in the form of salads and appetizers.

Fruits contain a healthy amount of fiber and essential sugars which makes a person full. In this way these are a great substitute for high carb and fat diet. Fruits and vegetables can easily make one or two of the six meals we discussed earlier. A healthy diet plan is bound to have these.


We all know how important it is to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. This is crucial for a person who has a busy routine. On average humans need consume 2 liters of water in one form or another.

For some people it can be more than this, like those who work out. Water can be consumed in the form of juices or fruits too.Our body can lose surprising amount of water through sweat in summers. So in summers people should be extra careful about the water intake.


No healthy diet plan is complete without these two things. Generally people have a ton of misconception about them. In reality it is the disproportionate consumption that causes the harm. If one eats a healthy amount of carbs and fats through the day only then they can serve their purpose effectively.

Carbohydrates give a consistent energy supply because they make a person full and digest slowly.Fats on the other side are high in energy content and their large consumption can lead to very unhealthy consequences.


Start your healthy diet plan here. These are some important points you should keep in mind to make you meals healthy.

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