Primary Chand Si Review

Cautioning: Just so you know, there are spoilers in this post. Something else, appreciate! πŸ™‚

Story Summary: Main Chaand Si is a story rotating around Irsa (Saba Qamar), Salaar (Sami Khan), and Farhan (Fahad Mustafa). Irsa supposes she to a great degree excellent, henceforth the name, Main Chaand Si. She gets hitched to Salaar with expectations of cash and wealth. Later she understands how preservationist his family is, and defies burqa, dressing in eastern garments, and so on… Salaar’s family always loathes her activities, and don’t acknowledge her as a genuine bahu. Irsa’s family in any case, is more “current” identifying with acting entirely close with cousins, moving at shadis, what not. At an engagement, Irsa hits the dance floor with Farhan and a video is taken of her by her brother by marriage child and given to Salaar. watch ary digital dramas Salaar gets distraught and calls Irsa’s mother names. Irsa discovers and she declines to backpedal home, making Salaar undermine Irsa on separation via telephone.

Irsa understands this could be an opportunity to escape his home and her mother advises her to state she got the full and last separation from Salaar. Along these lines, Irsa’s sibling calls Salaar’s sibling and enlightens him concerning the separation and Salaar’s sibling is stunned. His family kind of “disregards” him at the time and they go to a Moulana to check whether it is a genuine separation or not. They all social affair, and Irsa takes out a “Quran” and promises before everybody saying that Salaar has given her “Talaak-e-salsa” via telephone. Here’s the turn: He never gave her separation, and rather than it being a Quran she put her hand on, it’s truly a book in the ghilaaf of a Quran. Salaar is guaranteed as “badnaam” and Irsa gets hitched to Farhan. Salaar meanwhile is hitched to Fatima (Sana Askari), a devout young lady who Salaar gets irritated of because of her commitment to religion. Meanwhile, Irsa contracts HIV from Farhan which she had no idea of, and starts to despise him and undermines to uncover him. Later understanding that she has HIV on account of her deeds, she begins to go wherever in a burqa all together for anybody not to see her terrible ness. At her mom’s burial service, Salaar sees Irsa’s face just and is stunned to a point where he couldn’t trust that face had a place with Irsa. Irsa begins to commit herself to religion and implores and asks for absolution.

She later goes to Salaar and asks for pardoning and Salaar couldn’t tell she had HIV. He goes to one of the specialists that Irsa and Farhan go to and discovers from that point that she has HIV. He calls her later and they meet where Salaar reveals to her he has forgived her and inquires as to whether she truly ever loved him. I cherish her exchange here: Is sawaal ka jawab yehi hai. Quran may likha hai kay napaak mard kay liye napaak aurat hai aur napaak aurat key liye napaak mard hai. Aur paak mard kay liye paak aurat hai aur paak aurat kay liye paak mard hai. (Sorry if it’s not immediate, it’s from the highest point of my head)

Toward the end, Salaar’s family is getting along and observing Fatima and Salaar’s kid’s birthday. Farhan requests that Irsa drink harmed drain and bite the dust so they could di together. I adore the OST playing in the last scene and Irsa’s flashback of Salaar going into the room on their wedding night. They both drink it and bite the dust.

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